Make Me Smile

Today on a particularly difficult part of my run, when I was hot, hurting and tired – I saw a sign. It said this:

“I Care” (followed by a heart)

Hmmm…that’s odd.  Then on the next telephone pole there was this:

“Have a nice day : )”

All of a sudden I wasn’t thinking about my run anymore, but I kept on going…

“You’re beautiful.”

Well, gee – I like this.  And so they went on.  Just plain white 8.5” X 11” sheets of paper with kind, friendly, and uplifting phrases.  They were hand written with a few simple decorations, and you know what?

It  made.



So next time you have the chance, brighten someone’s day – a little random act of kindness.  Put coins in someone’s parking meter, buy a coffee for someone in line, compliment a stranger, open the door, help that person struggling with their bags.  Give a little, expecting nothing in return.  Then stop for just a moment and


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3 thoughts on “Make Me Smile

  1. Just a heads up: it’s illegal to put coins in someone else’s parking meter in the state of California. Such a weird law, right?


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