Drink Tea? You Betcha!

So I haven’t posted since before college started, and I have sure been busy (more on that later).  Here is an Op-Ed I’ve written for a Journalism Seminar I’m taking from PJ O’Rourke!!! He helped me edit it, but its still a work in progress:


“Drink Tea? You Betcha!”

Sarah Palin lacks “gravitas”, or so says Karl Rove.  But perhaps it is more that Karl Rove lacks the “cojones” to be a true conservative.  After November second’s overwhelming mid-term success for Republicans and Tea Party candidates, it is clear Sarah Palin isn’t going away.

At a time when President Obama’s endorsements hit candidates like the plague, Palin’s endorsees found a surge in the polls, bless her heart.  Take Christine O’Donnell, another target of Karl Rove’s “Mel Gibson-worthy” rants.  Even though O’Donnell was handily defeated, Palin’s endorsement brought in a flood of attention and cash to the O’Donnell campaign, seeing a rise in popularity, though not enough to ultimately take the Senate seat.  But why does the GOP establishment fight so hard against Tea Party citizen candidates?  Did they really believe that the liberal Republican Mike Castle, the Congressman facing O’Donnell in the primary, was what Americans needed in a time of political upheaval?  The answer is yes.

The Republican Party is liberal – not long hair and Birkenstocks leftist liberal-but liberal enough.  Its call for spending cuts, lowering taxes, and limited government are as much an illusion as Bill and Hillary Clinton’s marriage.  America hasn’t seen a conservative President since Reagan in the way we haven’t seen a real man since John Wayne.  They may wear the boots and ride the horse, but they just can’t pull the trigger.  “Tea Party” returns government to every man and woman with the simple principles of fiscal conservatism, limited government, and personal responsibility, leaving RINOs on the sideline.

The Republican establishment is angry because Sarah Palin has been winning at the insider boys’ game.  Karl Rove wants to take his ball and go home.  Let him.  Because the Tea Party isn’t a Political Party, it’s better than that, with no dues, membership cards, national boards or executives – it’s an idea.  If you believe in governmental common sense, you are Tea Party.  It is just as much a state of mind as it is a subject, verb, and adjective.  So go tell Webster’s to give it an update.

Palin saw a total of 32 wins to 17 losses from her 64 endorsements during midterms (the math’s fuzzy, as not all endorsees made it to the General Election.)  Not bad.  Governor-elect Nikki Haley from South Carolina is probably the best example of a candidate brought from obscurity to victory, passing up Republican good old boys, with help from Palin.  Palin and Tea Party-backed candidates will be headed to Washington in January knowing they have a duty to the people because the people put them there.  Most of the Republicans and Tea Party losses seen with Fiorina in California and Angle in Nevada were a result of overwhelming demographics that can’t be turned around.  But it was Republicans in Delaware who lost the race for O’Donnell.  There, Republicans voted 8/10 for O’Donnell, who won independents, while Democrats voted 9/10 for the Democrat Chris Coons.  Karl Rove may have gotten his way with the smearing of O’Donnell.  And thanks a lot, we could have had a Republican Senator where Democrats outweigh Republicans 3 to 1.

Some Palin endorsees, like Marco Rubio may disappoint, while others like Allen West, are already stirring hopes of a future Presidential run.  We have yet to see how it will work out with presumed speaker, “Rip Van Winkle”, John Boehner who has decided to wake up from 20 year long sleep as a conservative.  For his sake, let’s hope he sticks by it.  Americans will not be duped again.  Ronald Reagan knew to “Trust, but verify,” and so do we.

As 2012 draws nearer and presidential hopefuls begin to emerge, candidates know that Americans are going to “trust, but verify”.  This time, we don’t just see an “R” at the end of someone’s name, but see what and who comes with it.  So if that means a Presidential bid for Sarah Palin in 2012, or a continuation of her support and inspiration for American Values, we’ll love her all the more.  Maybe feminists hate her because she can be successful without trying to become a man (sorry, Elena Kagan and Janet Napolitano) and establishment Republicans hate her because they’re liberals.  But we love her, because this Mama Grizzly didn’t play the political game.  She refused to back down in the face of powerful opposition and scrutiny, while sticking by her gut political instincts, reactivating the boom of active conservative citizenry in America, and…we just adore that wink.

She could see November from her house!




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