A Time for….Choosing

Why Conservatism should be the movement of CHOICE

Returning to my little classical liberal arts, constitutional haven in the heart of southern Michigan after a whirl-wind four day excursion to CPAC in our nation’s capital, I have some thoughts.  Shocking – I know…

First, the little things:  if you want to increase your event attendance, provide food; unless you’re delivering a name as big as “Ann Coulter” in which case,  throw food in the opposite direction to send those weak, hungry people scammering away, making your event somewhat manageable and out of everyone else’s way.

Second, whatever your political, career, or life ambitions may be, they are not going to come true at CPAC.  This is not a Disney movie, and you are not wishing to become a “real boy”.  You will not meet your future chief of staff or campaign manager, future investor for your great new media outlet, or your future wife.  So stop talking yourself up, handing out your business card, and making blatantly obvious your bare left ring finder.  Also, please, please, please stop eyeing the college students.  No, half of them haven’t figured out that CPAC is not a nightclub, and no, we do not need any more intern incidents in DC.

Thirdly, (Ron Paul supporters take note) we work within a two party political system.  Don’t like it?  Then be original – not simply an extreme faction on one specific political issue.  Look, I am no GOP establishmentarian, and I love the Tea Party.  I am a huge supporter of groups, people, and organizations that seek to push politicians a certain direction.  I get it, you’re passionate, but that doesn’t mean you need to put up your own candidate.  I guess I kind of have an axe to grind with 3rd parties.  They seem overly focused on singular issues.  Ask a Green Party member about their views on the Federal Reserve, or a Libertarian about abortion.  Both will probably give you circular indefensible answers.  Why?  Because their platform can’t run a country.  (Mind you, I have more sympathy for Libertarians than for Green Party candidates, but the fact doesn’t change that both are simply deviations on the left and the right).  So get out there, get excited, be loud, and make waves, but realize they are only ripples in the grand scheme of things and that Ron Paul winning the CPAC straw poll is trivial, at best.

So what is my point, and why did I blatantly rip off Ronald Reagan in my post’s title?  I am tired of the Liberals and the Democrats being all about “Choice”.  Why do they always get to set the language?  Choice is NOT about abortion.  When faced with moral right and moral wrong, there is no right choice to end a human life.  (But this argument is for another post).  My point is that the Conservative movement is about embracing liberty (tip of the hat to Tammy Bruce).  The choice to spend your money as you please outside of government intervention, the choice to start your own business, to innovate, to eat what you want, think how you want, live your life the way you want it, worship as you please, raise your own children, and choose what kind of life you want to make for yourself .  So I’m all about “Freedom of Choice”.  Actually I’m all for a “woman’s right to choose”….and you know what, I’m even for a man’s right to choose too.

Old "Rawhide" himself

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