Counting Down

My flight to California, with our kitty, Sophia, in tow was delightfully uneventful. (I even found myself the lucky passenger of a plane with many open seats, and subsequently an entire row to myself!) For the next week I met with new teams of doctors comprising Wally’s army of specialists here on the West Coast, and eagerly awaited Dan’s arrival from his cross country drive.

I am happy to report that all of our doctors are top notch: particularly our MFM, Dr. Gregory Devore, who is regarded world wide for his expertise in fetal heart defects, and our pediatric cardiologist. Dr. Lennis Burke is a fan of Hillsdale. All have our complete confidence.

Dan arrived on Sunday, in a harrowing 3.5 days after his TBS graduation, and I couldn’t be more proud of my Honor Graduate (top of his class of 200 in combined military skills, academics, and leadership).

We have seen our house in Pendleton, but are just waiting for it to be ready and the movers to arrive.

At a routine check up appointment at the MFM last night, we were sent over to Labor and Delivery for the beginning of contractions and low fluid. We were admitted and spent our first night in the hospital. All is progressing extremely well, and with epidural in I am a much more comfortable lady. Forgive any typos as I jot this down from my phone, in active labor, but I wanted to chronicle our recent updates before we have Wally in our arms.

Our next news will surely be the birth of our son! Prayers for a stable little warrior.


4 thoughts on “Counting Down

  1. Wally is Born!!!
    Granny and Grand Pa are so happy….everyone is doing Great!
    Walter is PINK!
    Thank you ALL for the prayers for our little warrior, Wally.
    Wally is in the NICU at Huntington Hospital and he is getting Fantastic care.
    We are so grateful for everything; we love our Friends and Family!
    Life is Good ❤


  2. Dr. DeVore was my doctor when I had pregnancy complications with Jeff. Loved him.
    Sending prayers for you, Wally and all your Doctors to get that heart strong and healthy!


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