One Month…We’ll Keep Him




In one month, Walter has grown to 7 lbs 8 oz, and 20.5 inches long!

Life as a mother (and I think Dan would agree, father) finds itself so profoundly different and yet, comfortably familiar I’m in many ways lost in writing about how our life has changed. There are, however, some noted differences:

  1. The day revolves around naps….and food. Walter’s naps, my naps, Walter’s food (aka: ME, the milk machine), my food; and yes Dan’s food and naps as well. We’re one big napping family – and I don’t hate it.
  1. Diaper changes are really not so bad. God, mother nature, or someone instilled such a love in parents for their children, that poopy diapers and whizzing pees are just simply no longer repulsive.
  1. Your own baby’s cry (or scream) is not annoying or irritating – it’s more painful, in that you want to fix whatever may be wrong.
  1. Staring at Walter for what seems like hours on end never gets boring. This bodes well for the future, and already I am more preciously entertained than ever. (Really, this little guy squeaks! Who knew?)
  1. Newborns are chick-magnets.   I really shouldn’t leave Walter alone with Dan too long, or 75 year-old church ladies will start trying to bring him cookies and dinner.

Maybe I’m feeling a little light hearted today (or everyday, recently). But it is hard not to wake up every morning without a sense of wonder at what the day will bring. Each waking moment is a new adventure for Walter, as he sees and experiences sights, sounds, and things for the first time, we get to live them all over again too.

Dan has started work at Camp Pendleton, and Wally and I are finishing organizing the house and meeting our neighbors. We’re feeling quite at home, cherishing our little blessing.


Wally’s been doing great health wise – his cardiologists have some concerns regarding his VSD and the amount of blood passing through his heart as he grows. Walter’s heart already has some thickening, and his working harder than a normal baby’s heart would to pump oxygenated blood through his body. The good news is that Walter’s valve is still just slightly smaller than the range for normal, meaning that when it comes time for surgery, hopefully the valve can be spared.

You wouldn’t know holding or looking at Walter that he has a CHD, and being asymptomatic makes life easier on us. For now, surgery is still 3 – 4 months away.


7 thoughts on “One Month…We’ll Keep Him

  1. Love, Love, Love.
    Motherhood is the greatest of all gifts.
    Wally is so precious and we cannot wait to see him again.
    We love you all,
    xoxoxo Granny and Gramps


  2. awwww, so precious…and what is wrong with cookies and dinners? 🙂 I am seeing your Mom on Monday with a little something for both you and Wally…xoxoxox0


  3. It is wonderful to have a place to keep all of us up-to-date on darling Wally’s progress – which appears to be stellar! He is so beautiful. Those enormous eyes are incredible.


  4. Halcyon & I love the latest Wally pictures. He sure is cute!

    We continue to pray for Wally, Francis, Dan and your extended families.


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