Blue Lips and Helicopter Rides

Yesterday Walter had what we call a “tet spell” or cyanotic episode. After feeding and some cries, Walter’s skin turned pale and ashy with blue tinges on his hands, feet, mouth, and tongue. Though he did not lose consciousness, he was tired and lethargic, so we took him to the Navy Hospital ER on base. Shortly after, Wally was stable and back to his normal self.

We spent the night comforting him at the Navy Hospital watching his oxygen saturation levels dip down from their normal 99% to the mid seventies and eighties. By the morning orders were in the works to transfer Wally to Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, and soon, Wally and I were being flown up the coast via helicopter, with the ever helpful and capable Dan making the drive.

Now we wait. With continued monitoring, oxygen, and the beginning of pre-op testing, we expect that Walter will undergo his open heart surgery for the full repair of his ToF early this week. Though our weekend took an unexpected turn, it takes us to a much planned for destination: fixing Wally’s heart and putting him on the path to recovery. Our optimism prevails and Faith endures.




8 thoughts on “Blue Lips and Helicopter Rides

  1. Prayers of love & support & healing for Wally, Mom & Dad, and extended family.
    Wish we could be there but please know our hearts are with all ya’ll.


    • Thank you both for being such dedicated prayer warriors for Wally and our family. Your sweet words of encouragement always bring a smile to my face (and now to Walter’s, too)! Hoping you are doing so very well, and settling in. We can feel the love from here.


    • Thank you so much Laurie – I can’t tell you how special the prayer shawl has been to us. I apologize because your thank you card is in a stack of cards waiting to be sent at our house, but I had Dan grab the shawl once we knew we were being admitted to the hospital. It – and you – have been with us the whole time. It truly IS like a big hug, and we’ve certainly needed some of those 🙂 Hoping I’ll have a chance to catch up with you all soon. Sending all my love your way.


  2. Sounds like all is going forward as planned, and we wait to celebrate Wally’s successful outcome. I am sure a very grateful and wonderful Thanksgiving awaits you and all your loved ones. Hugs, Alison


    • Thank you, Alison. We have so appreciated your kind, lifting words of encouragement. I was just thinking today how so much of what you taught me through acting has contributed to my being confident in various situations. Sometimes a little gumption goes a long way when advocating for your baby in the hospital. You know this, I am sure, raising a child with specific medical needs, as well. You have touched my life in so many ways, and am exceptionally grateful!


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