Surgery for 11/26/14: Gratitude

The past few days have progressed very quickly, all while feeling anxiously long awaiting further answers to our questions regarding Walter and surgery.

Though he is stable and relatively comfortable, Walter’s tet (blue) spells have become more frequent, even while on oxygen, and he has been placed on an IV and beta blockers to lessen their severity. He seems more exhausted than his usual chipper self, making us glad that his surgery is scheduled for tomorrow around 7:30 AM.

It is quickly becoming apparent that Walter’s condition was not the mild Tetralogy we had been told was so “phenomenal” at birth. Medicine becomes ever more an art and practice in our eyes, as we see that amongst varying medical opinions and room for interpretations, doctor’s impressions are not always as accurate as we may like to believe. Walter has a severe case of pulmonary stenosis, meaning that the obstruction of blood flow from his heart to his lungs is less than 50% of what it should be. The same is true of his valve. The valve which we had been told measured 7mm to 7.5mm at birth, in fact measures 4.5mm to 5.0 mm.

This means that Walter will not be able to keep his valve and faces further surgeries down the road. Whether he will receive a replacement valve now or later depends on many factors, but even if this surgery is successful, he could be facing another surgery in as soon as a year or two (though depending on outcomes may be longer).

We have been so overwhelmed by the sincere love, concern, and uplifting prayers for Wally and our little family. Knowing that such a little life can touch the hearts of so many, only reaffirms our spirit as we head into surgery. This little heart holds a whole lot of love thanks to you, and we are forever humbled.




25 thoughts on “Surgery for 11/26/14: Gratitude

  1. Dear Frances and family:
    I am so sorry for little Wally and all that he must endure! Having had a sick newborn myself, I know exactly how you are feeling as your wee tiny baby undergoes surgery! Please know that an army of prayers and love and all sorts of good wishes are being sent from people you don’t even know. Much love to you – keep your strength up sweetie!

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  2. So much love is being sent to Wally and your family. Prayers for Wally to stay strong. Hoping for a true day of Thanksgiving celebrating a successful surgery.


    • Oh Mrs. McDaniel – you have been so wonderful through all of this. From getting to visit with you in October, to all of your kind, sweet words of encouragement and strength, your incredible spirit has not gone unnoticed. I am so gratefully for knowing you, and hope that your own recovery has been speedy and restful. Hoping we will soon be able to chat over coffee 🙂


  3. Heavenly Father we come to you with humbled hearts and thank you for all
    that you have done for us in our past, present, and our future. Lord we come to lifting up Walter and his parents. Give little Walter the strength to come through his surgery. Give the doctors and nurses the continued knowledge and skills that you have blessed them with. Give his parents continued peace and reassurance that he is in your hands. We lift this little family up to you Lord. Put your arms of grace and mercy, love and protection that through you all things are possible. I thank you Heavenly Father for the continued miracles that you are about to perform. I believe, I have faith and all the saints say Amen.


    • Oh Traci! THANK YOU! I read this beautiful prayer so many times through before Walter’s surgery, and it brought us such calming peace and comfort. I am ever moved by your own Faith in Him and for sharing such a great piece of your heart with us. Hoping you are doing well (Jojo too)!


    • Thank you to all of you for your prayers and kind words. Mrs. Ford, you truly have such a beautiful way of sharing your Faith and love – I cannot tell you how touching and meaningful it has been for all of us. Praying that you all have been doing well and soon getting some cherished family time all together 🙂


  4. Medicine is an art and a science, you most certainly know this! Such a beautiful little boy you have there. My the Lord bless the surgery tomorrow and if it is in his will, to avoid the necessity of further surgeries through full healing. God is the great Physician, may he be there to guide all the decisions and actions of the medical team tomorrow and keep your entire family safe. Much love to you all. Love, the Petrevics


  5. Frances, Dan and sweet Wally, We are sending our love and prayers to you tonight, tomorrow and the coming days.
    Uncle Mike, Michael, Joey and Auntie Mar


    • Thank you, all! It was truly so wonderful getting to see you in October. We are so strengthened by your love and prayers, and Wally can’t wait to get to see you again sometime soon!


  6. Dear Dan, Frances and Wally,
    Know that you and your son are being lifted up in prayer with great fervency. Blessings and peace to all today and going forward. I’m a friend of Molly’s in Grand Rapids. : )


    • Thank you, Jodi! We are so touched by all who have surrounded Wally with such love and prayers. Please know we are ever grateful, and pray that you continue to use God’s love in such beautiful ways.


  7. Know that you three are in our daily prayers….and, as we go to Services this evening, Walter David will be in the “Prayers for the People”. Love, Geo & Barb
    Leigh Ann & the boys.


    • Thank you to all of you – we love and miss you all very much, and so appreciate your prayers. Wally has been lifted by the Faith and prayers of so many, and we are warmed that you have included him in your Services. Sending our love back to you!


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