A Fix For Now

Walter is out of surgery, stable, and doing well. Disappointingly, the surgery itself did not bring about the outcome we had hoped. While the initial plan was for a full repair of Walter’s ToF, we have instead had to accept a temporary fix.

With a coronary artery passing over his pulmonary valve, the surgeon felt that the valve could not be accessed for replacement/repair and instead placed a shunt stabilizing the pressures in Walter’s heart so he will be able to safely return home without tet spells.

The fix, however, is temporary, with a goal of giving Walter more time to grow so that at 12 – 15 months of age he can receive a full repair. At that time, Walter will require a more complicated work around (likely eliminating his possibility for future valve replacements via catheter).

So our little warrior remains with a broken heart: valve, holes, and all. We can’t help but be disappointed. Still, with now multiple surgeries ahead, we are thankful that Wally can function better for the time being. As his parents, we have continually educated ourselves and tried to make the best decisions for Walter. We pray that God will continue to guide us as this journey continues.

In the coming days Walter will wake from his anesthesia, be taken off his ventilator to breath on his own, relearn how to eat, and slowly return to his baby routine. If all goes well, he will likely be in the hospital for about two weeks.



9 thoughts on “A Fix For Now

    • Thank you so much, Pauline πŸ™‚ We have so appreciated all of the warm thoughts and prayers sent our way. Hoping all is well with you, and glad we can share in Faith!


  1. Your little warrior came through this, but he just has more of the battle to fight. His army is huge to help support him (and his family) with prayers and love.


  2. What incredible parents are Frances and Dan. Walter David you are a blessed child. Nothing but love, strength, and comfort has gotten us this far. God has blessed us all.
    ❀ ❀ ❀


  3. Another battle fought… the war will be won. With your love and strength, excellent medical teams and the love surrounding you with good thoughts and prayers, Walter can’t help but emerge healthy and whole- hearted.
    Alison. Big Hugs!


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