Thankful for Life

Spending Thanksgiving at LA Children’s hospital while Walter recovers is profoundly poetic of our last 8 weeks and lives as parents. Without the trimmings, the day is just as grand with the three of us as a little family. We are grateful for being near my parents, grateful for the prayers and support from so many friends and family, and grateful for our tough little Walter who, as Life, tests, challenges, and awes us daily.

Today is a joyous day for our family!

Walt is looking stronger already and is beginning to make some feisty movements. He still has his breathing tube and ventilator in as well as blood drains, so we’d like him to stay peaceful and comfortable for a bit longer. Today will bring more progress. Also, I feel especially thankful for blood donation (which I am passionate about) and the donors who have kept my son alive with the gift of Life through their transfusions.

I’m sharing the below photos of Wally particularly for those families looking for answers about tetralogy of fallot, and what their baby may look like post – op. The stories shared with us by others were invaluable and helped to prepare us for this journey.

One hour after surgery:


One day post surgery:


Right before surgery, cuddling in mommy’s arms:



6 thoughts on “Thankful for Life

  1. You are so beautiful Frances. You show the beauty of any and every situation with grace from our dear Lord Jesus Christ. Thankful for you all today as we are many miles apart. God bless you.


  2. The Fords are so happy to hear and see that Walter is on the mend. Hopefully you will be able to rest a little easier for now. TOF appears to be a well studied condition with incredible success rates long-term. I think I read that even Shawn White has TOF, an Olympic Champion!!! Little Wally has such a fan club praying for him!!! Frances, thank you for sharing this journey with us, as we all can learn from how well you are dealing with life’s challenges. Much to be thankful for this Thanksgiving eve! Looking forward to the day when you can take your precious son home.


    • Ah – you are the best! Yes – isn’t that incredible for Shawn White. So Wally still has some high hopes for big plans ahead. We are loving the love, and touched by the prayers. Thank you, a hundred times over.


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