The Best Gift for the Holidays

Walter has been progressing well. He will be in the ICU for at least another week allowing his gut to heal while he receives antibiotics and nutrients via IV (meaning no food, which is hard on mama)! After that he will transfer to a step down unit as he prepares to go home. So we are expecting about another two weeks here in the hospital.

It’s hard knowing that by the time we leave here, Wally will likely have spent over 1/3 of his little life in the hospital connected to tubes and wires…but we are grateful that we live in a time where open heart surgeries are well studied and successful.

Many people have asked us what they can do to help Walter and our little family. We are doing well, and as Dan prepares to head back to Camp Pendleton for work, I’ll be staying in the hospital with Wally crib-side. Truly there is not much we need thanks to having my parents close by and great insurance through Tricare.

But as Wally received his third blood transfusion this morning, we do have a request:


Wherever you are, if you can, if you are healthy and able – seek out an organization to donate. It is the best gift you can give: the most pure, selfless, and direct form of donation. Blood cannot be manufactured and their is no synthetic substitute.

For those who are and have been donors: thank you. If you did not already, you now know someone who has directly benefited from the gift of blood. So if you can do anything for us, think of little Wally and donate blood. Save a life this Christmas.

For the Christians among us, little is more Christ-like than the giving of one’s own body and blood for the life of another – and unlike Christ’s suffering and sacrifice for us, blood donation is quick and relatively comfortable.

Great places to donate:
City of Hope (Duarte, Ca)
Huntington Hospital (Pasadena, CA)
Children’s Hospital Los Angeles
American Red Cross (you can visit their website and search for drives by zip code)



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