Two Months: Out of ICU

2 months old, 5 days post open heart surgery. Chicks dig scars, am I right?!

2 months old. 5 days post op!
2 months old. 5 days post op!


Weighing in at just over 9 lbs and measuring 21.5 inches, with a new scar and chipper attitude, Walter was moved out of the CTICU (intensive care unit) into the CT Acute (step down unit). What a perfect two month birthday present that was yesterday.

Wally still doesn’t get to eat until Friday due to the NEC watch (intestinal issue), but is a pretty happy camper when he forgets how hungry he is. Holding him this morning was so much closer to our normal mamma – baby routine it brought tears to my eyes.

Here’s to praying for an uneventful, boring week, moving us closer to going home.

Wally’s sending smiles to all who have loved and prayed for him!!!




7 thoughts on “Two Months: Out of ICU

  1. This is such wonderful news. Soon this stage of his “adventure” will be behind you all. What a relief that will be to you. It looks like you might be home for Christmas. Yes?


  2. It is beyond Wonderful to see Walter’s smiling face.
    How fantastic it will be for both of you for Wally to actually get to eat again and for his Fantastic Mommy to get to feed him. Counting the days!
    Grateful Grateful Grateful
    ❤ ❤ ❤


    • Thank you so much, Ana! Your prayers have been well received over here. Hoping you are doing well in all of your endeavors, and know how grateful we are for your lifting words!


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