THREE MONTHS: Smiles and Toes

3 Months: 10 lbs 2 oz, 23.5 in, and those eyes are still a crisp blueberry blue!

The hair is up in the air, really very blond, but may have a tinge of strawberry. Clearly I have fruit on the mind.

So we’ve hit the three month mark with Walter, and it has easily been the best three months of our lives. Wally has been sharing lots of smiles with us recently – but when it came time to take pictures today he decided to purse his lips.


Instead of forcing a grin, I just decided to just go with his mood for the moment…TOES. For the past few days (and this photo session), the little man has been beyond fascinated by those ever-so-interesting feet which will one day propel him to ever-so-interesting places.  He must have arrived at the conclusion that these contraptions will one day come in handy and he can’t take his eyes off them. He, did, however, sneak me a sweet smirk just as I was setting him down on his changing table, which I managed to capture.


In other news, Walter is overall healthy, pink, strong, squirmy, loving faces, holding his head up, and intently following his mother’s newfound obsession with Gilmore Girls. Our follow-up appointments have shown Wally’s shunt performing beautifully and he will continue to be monitored closely. We have a lot to look forward to in 2015, and our angel already has us working to keep up with him.

IMG_1612 IMG_1628


2 thoughts on “THREE MONTHS: Smiles and Toes

  1. Walter…our Little Man! He is the cutest ever. 2015 is going to be marvelous; how could it not when we have time to spend with Wally.


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