Five Months: If it doesn’t move, paint it

February has been, by and large, uneventful in most measurable (medical) terms. Still, Walter’s happy squeaks and chatty sounds make each day our own little adventure. I savor every moment.

Also – he’s ticklish. Which makes changing his clothes hilarious AND adorable.


Wally’s most recent doctors appointments have gone well as he pushes 25.5 inches and 13 pounds. The timeframe for his next surgery (full repair) remains vague.  We are likely looking at sometime this summer, or fall…or maybe winter. We’ll let you know when we do.


Naturally, we would like to avoid the urgency of his shunt placement, so though the thought of this next operation makes me cringe, I hope we tackle this sooner rather than later.  We have learned that only 10 – 15 babies are born each year with Walter’s specific variation of tetralogy of fallot.  Since the repair is more involved (using a double barrel conduit rather than the standard patch), a limited number of surgeons feel comfortable with the procedure. In California, that means going to either Stanford or LA Children’s. So we are glad we have CHLA close.

5mos3 These are the smiles and coo’s of growing independence, folks.  The best times of day are still all of Walter’s cuddles, but this little boy is bursting with energy. Constantly taking in the world around him, he has a fascination (and taste) for toys, sounds, and textures. I don’t think Walter touches anything that doesn’t soon end up in his mouth.5mos_bw

So while Walter plays, I’ve been spending time repainting our living room and breathing new life into some furniture.  Well – I’m hooked. Annie Sloan paint (which I have now used on wood, varnished wicker, and metal), is a dream to work with. No prep necessary, and the matte finish with buffed soft wax is just my style.5mos4Below are some of my ongoing projects. The red drawer which Wally is so contentedly sitting in above is also part of a dresser I am in the process of painting and staining. Watching paint dry has never been so fun.

Shelves in Annie Sloan “Old White”
FullSizeRender (2)
Desk/Vanity in Annie Sloan’s “French Linen”
Wicker cabinet in progress. Annie Sloane's "Old White"
Wicker cabinet in progress. Annie Sloane’s “Old White”

5 thoughts on “Five Months: If it doesn’t move, paint it

  1. You are very talented with your painting and, especially, in your child raising. Wally looks so happy and healthy. All of his talking means you are talking a lot to him. Hugs to you all.


  2. Walter is wonderful and has enriched our lives beyond measure. He is obviously a very cooperative child too, since he allows his Mommy enough time to paint. Can’t wait to see all the new paint jobs.


  3. Walter is such a cutie! We enjoy getting updates on his progress. Frances, you are such a talented writer and painter! 🙂 Keeping you all in our prayers. XO


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