6 Months Old: It’s No Joke

Jokes aside, April first means Wally’s over the hill and speeding towards the one year mark. This boy does. not. stop.


He’s been fascinated by March Madness, and our boy of Spring is baseball season ready. Rumor has it that Granny and Gramps Mc are planning to take him to a game soon, so we’ve been practicing lots of singing, eating, toy throwing (just in case an opposing ball needs to be thrown back onto the field). Ducking is not yet in the cards, so that’s all on mom.

Little buddies. Wally and Lenny (my parent’s pooch).
Those BLUE eyes.

With new movements, expressions, and sounds every day, this child is never a bore – and I don’t expect he ever will be. Mobility is a newfound joy (for him) and the baby “scooch” is quickly morphing into what will soon be an all out crawl. Baby proofing and blockading is now in full swing.  He grows more and more like a little boy, and less like a baby as he expresses and communicates in his own precious ways.

WDK6mos7 WDK6mos6 WDK6mos5

Clearly – I’m in love.


Walt’s doctors will be referring us to Dr. Starnes’s surgical team at CHLA in the next month or so, expecting to schedule surgery for September or October.  We’re thrilled to be seeing Starnes as he is highly specialized, and truly the best. His specialty is in Hypolplastic Left Heart Syndrome (HLHS) which are children born with essentially half a heart.  Though Wally does not have HLHS, his finesse and skill will be more apt to properly handle Wally’s more complicated “double barrel”/Conduit repair for Tetralogy of Fallot (ToF).   As we’ve learned plans and expectations can change in the blink of an eye, but for now you know what we know.



Wallys weighing in somewhere around 13.5 and 14 lbs (his doctor’s appointment isn’t for another week) and 25 in long.  Though he is on the small side, his doctors are thrilled with his consistent growth and “ahead of the curve” development. It’s a phenomenal result after a nearly month long hospital stay, and bodes well for this little warrior’s resiliency as we gear up for open heart surgery (OHS) #2.


“Winnie the Pooh” is Walt’s new find, so TTFN – “ta ta for now”, and thanks for the continued love, prayers, and support!

P.S. This chair was made by MY Michigan grandpa for me as a little girl. Now Walt’s learning to love his great-grandpa’s chair too. How great is that?!


5 thoughts on “6 Months Old: It’s No Joke

  1. We love Walter so much….he is nothing but a joy. I am so grateful that Walter is my grandson. I am so honored that someone so precious, happy, and lovable should be a part of our lives. But then, we have also been blessed with Frances and Dan so I guess that makes it official….I am one lucky Granny!


  2. What wonderful photos and great info about Walter’s upcoming surgery. Dr. Starnes has a reputation of being the very best! So Walter has the best parents, best grandparents, and now the best doctor. Only fitting since he is the BEST! Hugs to the three of you.


  3. What a beautiful baby!!! Thanks for sharing the updates on Wally’s progress and hugs to Frances, Dan and baby Wally! Happy Easter!


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