9 Months: The (not so) Secret Life of Walter Klimas

Fun fact: This is a hand-me-down from ME. Wearing mommy’s own baby clothes is still stylish. (Good job, Mom!)

Walter David has been 9 months old for about two weeks now.  So while I may be behind on blogging, Walt’s ahead in everything but his size – who’s counting?

Dan calls this the “Luke Sky-Walter” outfit….yep, he’s funny.

At about 15 lbs 8 oz, our little man BUMPED up to the 2nd percentile.  Plus, he’s going through another growth spurt.  We love seeing his growth steadily increase at a time when it would normally slow.  His 27.5 inch self seems giant compared to our baby of just a few short months ago.  We should be getting a better idea of when surgery #2 will be scheduled within the next few weeks (fingers crossed).  Although his oxygen saturations have dipped to the low 90’s, it isn’t a huge concern for the time being because he has his BT shunt.  It certainly doesn’t seem to be slowing Walt down at all.

Already asking to borrow the car

This seems to be a consistent Wally theme, but he won’t stop moving.  He can sit, but has no desire to stay that sedentary for long.  He certainly would NEVER allow a picture to be taken that is not an action shot these days. Le sigh.


A day in the life with Walt: if you were to walk into our house and touch your head, Walter would too.  With a smile he’d clap his hands in approval, and if you offered him one of your fingers to hold, he’d stand and wobbly toddle beside you.  And maybe, if you gave him a kiss on the cheek, he just might give you a slobbery one back in return.

We call this “helpful”

He’d then spend the rest of the day eating avocado, eggs, and cheese…crush crackers on the floor…..refuse to take a nap…..follow you from room to room….reach on his tip-toes to grab every object you don’t want him to….and, affectionately call you “daddaaaaaaadaa”.  If you dare tell him “no”, he’ll stop what he’s doing wrinkle his face as if about to cry, but instead, laugh. That’s our boy! Never taking “no” for an answer.


5 thoughts on “9 Months: The (not so) Secret Life of Walter Klimas

  1. Dearest little Walter and family,

    How providential that as I sat down and saw your mama’s post, I had a plate of avocado and eggs, myself! You continue to be a happy source of prayer in my life and I wish you the most blessed of summers as you zoom into the 2nd percentile. Surely, you will be a leader among your co-2s, with your higher level of wisdom and zest for life. Sending Michigan love!!


  2. Thank you for the update on you all! We continue to hold you in prayer and look forward to any news you send to Cincinnati!
    Karen and Scott


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