10 Months: Baby Steps


Walt has been enjoying every minute of being a 10 month old, and is attempting daily to rightly earn the title of “toddler”.  He departed on his first solo step at the end of 9 months, and has steadily worked his way up to about three or four.

10mos2 10mos7

When not wobbling around like a drunken sailor about the house, he enjoys pulling toys off shelves and eating reading his many board books.  He’s also acquired the skill of calling for mommy whenever he wants something “fixed”.  Together, we’ve been enjoying Southern California’s roads and trails through lots of running with our military spouse “Stroller Warriors” running club.11225105_10155892640825022_753477726515964348_o


Wally’s oxygen sats are still hanging around the low 90’s and he’s still weighing in around 15.5 lbs. (Trust me, this boy can EAT — he just moves a lot with a heart working double time, too!)  His most recent echo looked great and his murmur is nice and strong, which is excellent news, meaning no obstructions or clotting in his shunt. Yay for baby aspirin! We’ve been referred to Dr. Starnes’ surgery team at CHLA for later this month and will be able to schedule Walter’s full repair expected to be sometime in early October.



I think we’re all looking forward to have something scheduled on a calendar and a consult this time around: no helicopter rides or last minute information regarding surgery.  Since we have images from Walt’s first surgery, and his most recent echo, the surgeons will have a much better idea of what they’ll be facing prior to the operating room.  There is so much thinking and feeling going into this next surgery.  Sometimes the ability to plan allows time more agonizing than emergencies.  Still, we’ve still got weeks and weeks ahead, and MANY more baby steps along the way.

“See ya, Mom, I’m off!”

8 thoughts on “10 Months: Baby Steps

  1. Just like his Mommy…”watch out World, here I come”.
    What wonderful pictures that capture Walt’s engaging personality and his mischievous side too…I love that side 🙂


  2. Wow, 4 steps already! He’ll be running soon. Bet he can get into trouble even faster now.

    Prayers and love are going out for Walter, Dan and you, as well as your extended family.


    • Thank you both so, so much. We are missing you here in SoCal but are so excited that you have found your new home and have a bright Church community. So much goodness going on in your life ahead. We love you and keep you in our prayers.


  3. Dear Wally,

    I have returned you, Walter, to the top of my prayer list. Not because of worry or concern or emergency, but because I want to REJOICE over what God was thinking when He designed you. You continue to bring so much light to the world with every adorable thing you do. And with your mother’s eloquent clarity, your sweet family glorifies the risen Savior. YOU are a brilliantly shining example of why and how the truth speaks: God is Love.

    Sending love from your little-bit-stalkish-self-adopted-admittedly obsessed-extra-Na-ne. Enjoy your summer day!


    • Oh Jodi! We love you so – can we adopt you back?! We’re totally in!
      Thank you for your prayers, encouragement, and friendship. I cannot begin to tell you how much it means to us.


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