Food Glorious Food

Today Walter was allowed to EAT! Milk, apple juice – it was all yummy, comforting, and exactly what the doctor ordered.

Walt has been recovering beautifully, and is on the fast track to home if all continues this direction.

We had a “hi”, “dada”, Winnie the Pooh sing-a-longs, and very strained clapping. Wally is still in pain, but it is being well managed, and overall it has been a very, very good day.

Walter has officially received all of your hugs because this mama was able to hold and gently snuggle her little boy today. Our “Beloved Ruler of the Army” is charging ahead stronger than ever.



5 thoughts on “Food Glorious Food

  1. So happy or all of you! Life is good!! The future looks bright and love is abundant. Enjoy your family time and cherish each moment. God bless…


  2. Just got home from visiting Wally in the hospital.
    What a wonderful evening with the Klimas Family. Watching Frances and Dan shower their “Beloved Ruler of the Army” with love is truly beautiful beyond words.
    We are Grateful.
    ❤ ❤ ❤


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