Thank heaven for….

…little boys!

A little brother will be added to our family in 2017, and we couldn’t be more excited for Franklin (Frank/Franky) Richard to join our family.


Naming Walter before he was born proved to be a fortifying force for us in light of his complications, and though
we pray we won’t face those same challenges with Frank, we know in our hearts he is already named and claimed by us, and by God.


Frank brings with it family memories and stories from Dan’s family’s farm (Ryder Farm on his mother’s side) – a place where Dan learned to put in a hard day’s work and finds solace and comfort whenever visiting. Frank Ryder, Dan’s great-grandfather, and Frank Ryder before him, made Ryder farm a working farm, one that has been in the family for over a hundred years, and is still dutifully worked and cared for by Dan’s grandparents and uncle, today.

Franklin and Frances/Francis also find common origin in meaning “free” and holding close the same patron saint, our beloved St. Francis.

As for Richard, with a name made popular by King Richard the Lionhearted, and meaning “brave ruler” (not much unlike Walter our “ruler of the army”), has important family history as well. Both my dad and his father (my Grandpa McCloskey) share Richard as their middle name. My grandpa goes mostly by Richard/Dick making the name especially significant. They represent a legacy of strong men, husbands, and fathers, who remain steadfast for their families in victory and defeat.

Franklin has big shoes to fill, and we plan to guide him along the way. Raising two little boys is no easy task, but we hope to teach them each to be his brother’s keeper, of good character, and men of faith.

We still have Franky’s Level II anatomy scan coming up in September with Wally’s fetal specialist, and we ask for your prayers for strength, as always! So far, everything is looking good, but a little extra prayer can never hurt!


7 thoughts on “Thank heaven for….

  1. We are so happy and grateful for a second Klimas Baby….Franklin! Walter will be a wonderful big brother and what a lucky boy our Franky is to have such strong and loving parents and Wally for a brother. ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

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