The Klimas Family at Play

Frank was such a sleepy, dreamy, newborn….and now he’s already an ever growing, starry-eyed one month old. Here’s a look at some of those early beautiful moments captured by our friends at First&Orange Photography.

(If you’re looking for photographers in the SD area, hit them up! They are the incredibly fun, patient, and clearly, talented. Thank you, Alexander and Hanna.)

We are so in love…



…and a bit tired, and sometimes a bit loud.  But these moments show us looking and feeling our best — which really is how we feel on the inside — even on the lazy Monday mornings, mac-n-cheese on the floor, sleepless nights kind of days 🙂



Walter has really stepped up into his role as big brother. He’s been enjoying helping (when he wants to), and has even offered up his “Elmo”  and toy cars in attempts to make Franky feel better (though notably not “Buzz”). It’s been exciting to watch both these boys grow in the past month…and despite our fears of not being able to love another child as much as Wally, our hearts have simply grown, too.  It’s funny how that works.


Wally is great at smiling on cue (though not sitting still for pictures), and loves telling people “cheeeeeeseeeeee” to take their picture. Sometimes his smiles look like this:

And sometimes he scrunches up his nose and they look like this:

But, his favorite thing (playing) always looks like this:


Also wanted to share some dreamy photos around the house, the way we only get to see it in the morning and night – with every toy in it’s place, no less! For posterity.




4 thoughts on “The Klimas Family at Play

  1. I love these updates and photos! As someone who once taught journaling to a confirmation class (in the 1980s), this new tool is absolutely amazing. Thank you Frances and Dan!


  2. Frances,

    I arrive in San Diego at 10:30 on Thursday morning and hope to be at Mission San Luis Rey by mid-afternoon. Friday morning and evening will be our Academy meeting.

    I should be free on Saturday until about 3 pm. What is the best phone number for contacting you?

    Looking forward to seeing all of you.

    Uncle Pat

    Fr. Pat McCloskey, OFM
    Franciscan Editor | St. Anthony Messenger
    28 W. Liberty St.
    Cincinnati, OH 45202
    513-241-5615 ext. 116


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