I’m Frances: a proud military-wife, stay at home mommy to Walter (with Congenital Heart Defect Tetralogy of Fallot), ice cream addict, psuedo-cook extrodanaire, and lover of the outdoors. My goal is to keep family and friends apprised of our life, changes, and general observations.

We have entered this journey of parenthood anchored by our Faith in God, quest for knowledge, and understanding of Truth. Life is dearly precious and we rejoice in celebrating its moments, milestones, and little people who make it grand.

Catholic. Home Schooling. Military. Marines. Heart Mom. CHD. Tetralogy of Fallot.

We embrace that our life on this earth is not perfect and reject the pursuit of perfection. In our lives we seek and strive to emulate The Good.

Don’t hesitate to message or comment with any questions! (Or check out our FAQ page)

“Perfection is the enemy of the Good.”


Dan and Frances


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