This business of meeting little souls, and growing little humans never grows old.


Life has flown by these two short weeks as a family of four. We were lucky to have Dan home for some time on paternity leave, and I am now on my own wrangling our two fun, silly, and lovable little boys.

Walter: fully enjoying the role of big brother. He helps with taking out diapers, gives Frank plenty of hugs and kisses, brings baby his blanket, and continues to enjoy the “vroom vroom” of cars, the friendship of “Woody” and “Buzz”, and has an energy and zest for life unlike any I’ve known. His talking is improving on the daily, and has been repeating most of what he hears. Life with Wally is never boring, and often challenging, but we cherish every minute of it.

Franklin: eats, sleeps, and feeds…..

….but truly, Franky is an incredible sweet and cuddly baby boy. We find ourselves mesmerized by his every glance and movement.  For his age (and early at that), he seems to have already a budding fondness for exploration. His bright eyes almost endlessly look around, and he can already squirm a good bit of distance when on his tummy. Seeing as he’s been eager to be mobile from day one, I’m thinking we’re due for another active little boy.


Life, despite its challenges, has been incredibly comfortable. How quickly we’ve adjusted to the new addition in our life, and how quickly we couldn’t imagine life without him. We have felt very at ease in this role as second-time parents (though it is, of course, not always easy), and despite a little sleepiness, life has progressed as it may with few bumps. To say I am absolutely infatuated with this splendid family of mine would be an understatement.

Having Frank has been a particularly special experience for me on any number of levels. There is something magical about watching your husband become a father (again), and see your little boy grow into the role of big brother. As I’m an only child, and one who had always wanted a sibling, Walter has the experience of a sibling in the form of Frank that I never had. It is all new to me, and I hope I can help them both learn to cherish this relationship as much as I do already. When faced with the uncertainty of infertility, we didn’t know if having more children would be a reality for us — and let me tell you, what a beautifully welcome reality is our Frank.


the brothers meet:




Granny and Gramps are lots of help (and lots of fun):

Heading home (two boys asleep on a long drive is a success!)

Our first family outing was a trip to “The Strand” along the Pacific Ocean on a Stroller Warriors Run (my running club)…Walter wanted to hold Frank’s hand the whole way:

Taking advantage of a sunny (but still chilly) day at the SD Zoo amid a week of stormy weather:


And finally, Franky boy’s first bath (yes, he loved it):

Thank you to so many for constant prayers and enveloping love. For you, we are always grateful.


Dan, Frances, Walter, and Franklin Klimas


2 thoughts on “Brothers

  1. What a truly lovely and blessed family. Grandma and granddad looked thrilled to no end. Big brother is going to have fun being a big brother and I’m so happy for him.
    Congrats to all.
    God bless.


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