Play School Pre-School

It’s been a while since I’ve updated the blog here…my grand plans of uploading monthly pictures of Frank has fallen flat, but not for lack of taking (they exist). I find opening my laptop a recurring challenge, with little hands and many needs, but am usually able to share lots of photos through Facebook and Instagram.

Life with these two boys is both full and fulfilling. It is such a privilege to be their mommy.

Many of you know we plan to homeschool our little family (which makes me eager and excited just thinking about). For now, we find that the most everything we learn is learned through play: through songs and rhymes, crayons and chalk, mud and grass (lots, and lots of mud). Wally is constantly being acquainted with the world around him: the intricacies of making cookies, and the cool warmth of wind. Frank is being (eagerly) pulled along by his big brother, and seems to delight in every moment Wally hugs, kisses, nearly smothers, and plays with him. I had no idea a brotherly bond could form so young, and I couldn’t be more in awe of this marvelous existence.

Of course, there are, too, the challenges…the tears and the tantrums, defiance and demands…Even, still, both these boys are so filled with joy they consistently remind me to smile every morning (even before my coffee!)

We’ve all been doing well, though missing Daddy, who is gone many weeks at a time these days as he prepares for a 8-9 month Deployment beginning this summer. It’s hard having him away, and are already eager to have him home (even though he hasn’t left yet!)

Frank has reached almost 13 lbs and loves to eat and smile at Wally…he scoots for toys, and rolls over. Four months looks good on him, but I can’t believe time has gone so fast!

Wally’s most recent cardiologist appointment went very well, and his T-Rex (a new fixture of everyday life for him) got to have an EKG and Echo, too! The way everything is looking now, we hope he won’t need another surgery for about 8 years, when he’ll need a conduit and pulmonary valve replacement. That can all change very suddenly, so we will continue 6 month follow ups, but, we are definitely pleased!

Some of our biggest news is that we are planning to transition out of the Active Duty Marine Corps into Reserves. After Dan’s deployment, we hope to move “back” to the Grand Rapids area or wherever a job may lead us. We’re currently exploring many different options, and are always looking for more opportunities. We are certainly eager for what the future (and more time together as a family) holds!

Enjoy some photos of life lately and we’d ask that you keep us in your prayers for a smooth Deployment. It’s very hard on Wally having Dan gone, and hard on Dan to be away!

Sending our love as always,
Frances, Dan, Wally, and Frank















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